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Gold Members Enjoy More Benefits

Weekly Payments

As a Gold Member, each time you reach $30.00 or more and request a payment, that payment will be processed on the following Wednesday, rather than the non-Gold processing time of 2 weeks.

More Referral Rewards

Every time a new member joins SendEarnings® without being referred, they are placed in a pool of new non-referred members. Your Gold Membership guarantees you a portion of these "referrals".

Exclusive Monthly Offer

Gold Members have access to exclusive monthly offers that only Gold Members can enjoy. Check out the sample below to see the great rewards you’ll enjoy when you become a Gold Member!

Double Search Loyalty Reward

All members receive a bonus when they search four days in a given week, but Gold Members receive double the bonus!

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Our Gold Members are saying:

“As a member, I’ve been paid many times for my regular online activities. Trying offers, playing games, shopping online, taking surveys — and the list just keeps on going! Now that I’m a Gold Member, my checks have really increased. I can’t believe it’s free!”

Mihail P.

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What is a Gold Membership?

The Gold Membership is another way you can be rewarded even more for your online activities.

Why do I want to become a Gold Member?

You can continue enjoying all the same activities you already do on SendEarnings®, but as a Gold Member, you’ll just enjoy more rewards.

How do I become a Gold Member?

Simply receive your first payment and you’ll automatically become a Gold Member!

Keep enjoying all the same SendEarnings® activities you already do or try something new. Once the earnings in your account reach $30, you can request a payment. When your payment is processed, you’ll instantly become a Gold Member and can start enjoying all the rewards!

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